My Story

My journey is a lot like yours.

I've been involved in sport from a very young age - starting in youth basketball, I found a community with my local swim team growing up. I continued swimming through high school where I was recruited to swim at the collegiate level, but after years of swimming in the USS ranks, I decided to see what other sports where out there.

I returned to competitive swimming after college, swimming for a USS Masters team, started training for my first marathon, and added a handful of half-marathons to my checklist. In between races I'd try something new (boxing, samurai sword training, fencing) but through all of it, I realized that yoga - or some form of it -was always a part of my training routine.

I've learned how important it is to maintain flexibility and mobility in my body (I like to think of it as "Be so strong you bend and never break") and it's my joy to bring yoga and all it's amazing benefits to everyone I meet.


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